Hardly any gambler can resist the allure of online casinos today. The odds are high, and the winnings are big, but even more appealing is the ability to play any game on the go. The best online casinos today enable gamblers to play some games including table games, poker, and video games. But the gamblers' favourite remains to be the slots. Slot machines have always been part and parcel of the brick& mortar casinos, but today they have moved to the internet gambling world. If you are interested in this spot below is all the information you need to know about online slots

History of online slots

The online slots games we see today are the successors of the first slots machine; the Liberty Bell launched over a century ago. This slots machine was operated with lever and bit featured 3 reels. 3 players would each insert a coin into the reels and pull the lever. The reels would then spin around until they stopped. You would win according to the combination of symbols on the reels and round the machine. In the years that followed there were improvements and advancements to the Liberty Bell.

The slot machine moved from mechanical to electronic; levers and machine attendants became obsolete. However, it wasn't until 1976 that the world got its first video slot in California, developed by Fortune Coin Co. Later on, in 1994, online casinos started to offer online slots. The first one operated on the gaming software developed by Microgaming. By the turn of the new millennium, online slots had grown to become the best casino games on the internet.

Most popular slots games

Today online video slots feature exciting 3D graphics, interesting colours and big jackpots. A Random Number Generator has been programmed into the slots to ensure a fair and uninfluenced outcome. The popular online slots games today include:

3-reel slot games: In online casinos, these games are typically referred to 'Armed Bandits'. The three reel slots are the most uncomplicated of all online slots game. They provide a comfortable introduction into online gambling for newcomers. These games operate like the land-based three reel slot machines. It takes a minimum of 3 coins to place a wager and spin. Examples include Double Diamond, Up to 7, Triple Chance, Neptune Kingdom and many others.

Video slots: Video slots are the most played online casino games today. In contrast to the 3- reel slot games, video slots have five reels and they can offer hundreds and hundreds of different pay lines. But that is not all. Online video slots have many bonus features. As players continue playing the games, they can trigger a bonus game feature by specific combinations of symbols on the pay line. With video slots, players stand to get free spins and high payouts. Common video slots games of our time include Immortal Romance, Mega Fortune, and Circus of Cash, Jacks or Better X men and many others.

Progressive jackpot slots: These types of online slots games feature a jackpot that grows every time a player plays all the other slots games. These games are linked to other slots games and other casinos, and the prizes keep growing until someone wins it. Some progressive slots games, jackpots are only awarded to maximum bet spins, but others have jackpots that can be given to any player at random, regardless of their stakes.

Issues with online slots games

With online slots games, withdrawal of cash from winnings can take quite some time. This is never the case with land-based casinos Sometimes the games require players to place bigger bets but they only end up winning small. Although it is still a win, in the end, players might not have anything to show for it. Another concern is Near Misses. A near miss is so close to a win when it comes to jackpots, but it is still a loss. Near misses motivate a player to keep gambling, but there is no real promise that the more they wager, the more their chances of winning.

Biggest of all concerns however, is the fear of being scammed. Players need to find a credible online casino that is properly licensed, and with adequate security for their personal and financial information. Many players have been scammed by unscrupulous online casinos that entice them with bonuses in online slots.

Online slots offer players a chance at big winnings. Many casinos have different versions of their slots games today. It is down to the gamer to find a suitable game, and a trusted site to try out their luck. 

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